Foolproof Cake

For a simple cake mix that works everything, you can’t go wrong with this recipe, and what great it can be the base for any flavored cake.

Ingredients for two sponge 8inc cake

4 Large Eggs

Caster Sugar

Salted butter

Self-Raing Flour


Icing Sugar


Line the bottom of two 8inc cake tins. then weigh the egg (still in their shells) and what ever the weight is, weight the same amount of flour, caster sugar, butter. Mix all these ingredient together including the eggs (out of the shell) with a mixer or by hand with a spoon until completely combined.

Put half of the mix in each cake tin and level the mix out.

Cook in the AGA Baking Oven on a shelf which is on the floor of the oven. Cook until golden brown on the top and the cake springs back when ollightly pressed. remove from the oven and allow to cook a little before removing from the cake tins, then leave to go completely cool.

As the cake are cooling, make the butter cream icing by, beating 400g icing sugar and 200g butter together until smooth and soft. To build the cake, spread the butter cream icing over the top of one of the sponges, then cover the icing with the jam of you choice. Then place the other sponge on to and dust with icing and you have made a Victoria sponge cake.