The Small but Mighty AGA60

The Small but Mighty AGA60

Have you grown up with an AGA or always wanted one in your kitchen but can't quite afford one (like me). Well your problems have been solved by the AGA60.

Amazing Offer!

£1000 off an AGA60 with orders placed before 31.08.18

I have lived with an AGA all my life and wouldn't want anything else, it's a way of life and one I will not be giving up when I move out of my family home (yes I still live at home) the only problem is the cost. Now I know an AGA can be expensive but they are worth it, saying this, not everyone always has a large amount of money to spend. This is where the AGA 60 can be the solution.

The AGA60 is an AGA in mini form, it can do anything a 3 or 5 oven can do but is half the size and price. You could almost say it's the new 2 Oven AGA.

Easter 1.JPG

With its flexible 2 ovens, you have the choose of Roasting, Baking and Simmering, with the Hotplate and Simmering plate in one which makes the AGA60 "Small but Mighty".

The AGA60 should be on any new home owners must have list, I even know what colour I would choose - Linen! Plus it's economical with its lower purchase and running costs.

Back in Spring I got the chance to have a go at baking an Easter Simnel Cake on our showroom AGA60 and have fallen in love. Baking the cake was a doddle, it's just like cooking on any of the larger AGAs.

This little cooker will bring all the nostalgic feelings of growing up with an AGA back for anyone but still keeping the AGA in the 21st century and all in your kitchen.

I asked staff in the office why the AGA60 is so good and the replies were....

" I love the compact look"

Fiona our Service coordinator


" Best of both worlds - Oven flexibility but still keeping all the AGA charm"

Mark our Sales Representative


" Easy to install and can fit into every kitchen"

Kenny our AGA Installation Engineer