AGA's Rules at Baking Cakes

AGA's Rule at Baking Cakes!

The AGA has this magical oven called The Baking Oven and with this you can't go wrong when baking a cake. Due to the AGA's radiant heat the Baking Oven is able to cook any cake to perfection, this is because of the AGA's gentle heat from the cast iron compared to the fierce heat from an conventional oven.

The Baking Oven is so versatile it's not just for baking!

In our showroom we always have a a cake on the go for customers visiting us, and this week it's coffee and walnut, which I don't think is going to last long! as our staff have already got their eye on it for afternoon tea.

It's simple to make (specially with an AGA) all you need to do is weigh 4 large egg still in their shells and what ever the weight is you use the same amount in caster sugar, self-raising flour, salted butter pop it all in a mixer with the eggs (no shells now). Then just add 1tsp of baking powder, 4tsp of instant coffee dissolved in a little bit of warm water, and a packet of walnut haves chopped up (keep 8 back for decorating)

Then simply mix all together and separate into two 8" cake tins. Then the AGA comes into it own with the the baking oven, You just place the cakes on the second shelf up in the Baking Oven and cook until the cake springs back when pressed lightly.

There is no need to keep checking the cake or turning it, the AGA will cook the cakes perfectly evenly, while you whip up the icing out of 250g soft salted butter, 500g icing sugar, and 3tsp of instant coffee dissolved in a small amount of water, whisked all together until light and fluffy. 

Once the cakes are cooled, fill with half the icing and use the other half for the topping and decorated with walnuts.

Cakes are always made easy with an AGA, and I would like to point out, 2 minutes after taking pictures of the cake it was nearly half gone thanks to everyone in the office, looks like we are going to need another cake baked on the showroom AGA for tomorrows tea break at Blades.

cake one.jpg
cake two.JPG