I Dont Trust my Dad's Cooking

I Don't Trust My Dad's Cooking

My dad can't cook, it's official everyone agrees but him. The thing is I'm a little bit (and I mean a little) of a control freak when it come's to cooking in our house but I've given in to letting him being in control of the BBQ.  But I always have a backup plan with the side dishes I serve when dad's cooking , I have to as there should be a hazard warning when it comes to his cooking (burnt on the outside and raw in the middle) on the BBQ.

My first "go to" is Bacon & Toasted Hazelnut Salad, which can all be prepared in the AGA roasting oven. It's easy, all I do is toast a bag of blanched hazelnut at the top of the oven in a half size roasting tin (the AGA trays are best for this as they can run on the top runner in the oven) and at the same time cooked bacon lardons on the floor of the oven in my sauté pan with removable handle.  To finish, place a bag of pea shoots on a large serving dish and sprinkle over a packet of dolcelatte cheese, the bacon lardons, the hazelnut which I have crushed up. Then I just drizzle with honey, balsamic glaze and lemon juice.

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My second "go to" salad is Warm Mediterranean Vegetables with Goats Cheese, which is as simple as pie. I normally just chop up the vegetables (red onions, courgette, peepers, tomatoes) and toss them in olive oil. I then get the AGA Oven Floor Griddle (I use this for every thing!) nice and hot on the floor of Roasting Oven, then place all the vegetables on top and grill them all in the oven. Once cooked I drizzle over pesto and sprinkled over goats cheese, basil, and toasted pine nuts. I even serve the salad on the griddle, it looks great when you bring it out with everything sizzling.

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