Duffels AGA Bed

Duffels AGA Bed

At Blades we have an extra special sales assistant, she doesn't do much other than beg for food and sleep in front of the showroom AGA's. If you haven't guessed yet, this special assistant is my dog Duffel. She comes in to work with me sometimes (because she will not be left on her own ever!) and keeps the staff at Blades entertained.

She loves nothing more than going upstairs to the office and seeing if she can persuade someone to share their food (Collin and Mark are normally the weakest links and give in). But she is most keen to sleep all day, and this is where the AGA Dog bed is of great use.

When she started coming to work, We were having to keep lugging her dog bed out of the car every time so she could have somewhere to sleep. Then, when AGA brought out the Hare Textile range, it included Dog Beds (AGA dog beds also come in other styles), I ordered one straight away for Duffel to use in the showroom and haven't looked back.

She Loves It!

It's great for the showroom, Duffel can work hard by modelling how brilliant it is sleeping in it all day, and customers think she is so sweet all snuggled up in her dog bed by the AGA.

She works sooooooooo hard!

To be honest, the only time she will leave it is for food. I have to pull it across the floor to move her, which is easy as it so light.

Plus if she gets it dirty, all I have to do is wipe it clean. I have to say this happens a lot as she's so short and her tummy is getting bigger, therefore lower to the ground and closer to the mud.

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