Everhot 110 Series

The Everhot 110 Series provides greater oven space compared to the Everhot 100 and is specifically designed to fit into a 110cm space.
There are two options to choose from: the Everhot 110+ or Everhot 110i.
Behind the beautiful cast iron doors you’ll find capacious ovens for roasting, baking and slow cooking, and the easy-lift lids conceal good sized hot plates too.The Everhot 110 is a highly accomplished cooker which is sure to enhance any new kitchen or existing kitchen space.

Everhot 110i

Once again the EVH110i offers a fascinating hybrid of classic cast iron hotplate cooking, whilst providing the latest in induction technology with its large, commercial quality two zone induction hob - ideal to increase the overall hotplate space or to provide a useful facility during the summer months.

Everhot 110+

The Everhot 110+ offers the classic configuration of boil and simmer plates under separate lids; both of which are independently controllable. In addition, this cooker has three ovens; ideal for those customers who want to have a roasting, baking and casserole set up. The fourth door provides access to the controls of the cooker.

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Everhot 110+ & 100i Dimensions


Everhot 110i Cooking Area

Hot plate: W225, D355mm Simmer plate: W165, D355mm

Top oven: W395, H290, D470mm

Bottom oven: W395, H290, D470mm

Right oven: W395, H290, D470mm

Induction hob: W298, D491mm

Everhot 110+ Cooking Area

Hot plate: W344, D344mm

Simmer plate: W344, D344mm

Top oven: W395, H290, D440mm

Bottom oven: W395, H290, D440mm

Right oven: W395, H290, D440m

Everhot 110+ Temperature Control

Hot plate: Maximum 350°C

Simmer plate: Maximum 250°C

Top oven: Maximum 250°C

Bottom oven: Approx 120°C

Right oven: Maximum 200°C

Everhot 110i Temperature Control

Hot plate: Maximum 350°C

Simmer plate: W165, D355mm

Top oven: Maximum 250°C

Bottom oven: Maximum 200°C

Right oven: Maximum 120°

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