Creamy Pumpkin Soup

A hearty soup that is perfect for warming anyone up on a cold winters day.



1 whole Butternut Squash

1 Chopped Onion

Chicken or Vegetable Stock

1tbl Vegetable Oil

25g-50g Butter

2 tsp Ground Turmeric

1tsp Garam Masala

150ml Double Cream

Pumpkin Seed to Garnish

A little more Double Cream for serving



Melt the Butter with the oil in a large pan on the Simmering Plate and add the chopped onion and allow it to soften. Then add the spices and cook for minute before adding the chopped butternut squash.

Pour over the stock so the vegetables are covered and season with salt and pepper. Place a lid on top and bring to the boil. Once the soup is boil, transfer to the Simmering Oven and allow to cook until the squash is soft.

Once cooked puree with a hand blender and add the double cream, then season to taste if needed. Serve with a swirl of cream on the top and garnish with pumpkin seeds.