Foz’s Cheese Straw’s

These have become a staff favourite in the office, so much so that when they are made for customers at Demonstrations and Events they are hidden from staff beforehand or they would vanish. Easy to make and are the perfect nibble for any Event.


400g-500g Extra Mature Cheddar

(you can also add any hard cheese you might have left over as extra)

500g Ready Made Shortcrust Pastry

1 Egg


Grate all the cheese and put a handful to one side for topping, then roll out the pastry and sprinkle the rest all over the pastry. Fold the pastry together and slight knead to combine the cheese and pastry together into a ball.

Once combined, split into two and roll each half into rectangular shapes (about 16cm wide, 26cm long, 1cm high), you may need to make the side to neaten up. Egg wash and sprinkle over the remaining cheese and cut along the longer side into 1cm wide stripes.

At this point you can lay the cheese straw’s on a lined tray and freeze until needed. Once frozen you can transfer into a bag for storing in the freezer.

Too Cook - Line a large baking tray with Bake-O-Glide or Baking Parchment and then place on the Cheese Straw’s about 2cm apart. For AGA owners cook in the middle of the Roasting Oven until golden brown (about 8 -10 mins) and this is about 200c to 220c for Conventional Ovens (the oven would need to be pre-heated). If cooking from frozen, they will take longer.

The more Cheese you add, the more flavour but they can loose the shape slightly when cooked, thought still nice to eat.