AGA Fridge

The AGA DxD Fridge-Freezer offers high performance, superior quality and host of useful features. With an impressive total net capacity of 557 litres, this new refrigerator from AGA is big enough to cope with the demands of any family. Available in two models the AGA DxD19 and the AGA ASxS19, this luxury freestanding fridge -freezer comes in four gorgeous colorways and has a host of innovative features to ensure it keeps fresh and frozen food at its best for longer.

. The AGA DxD19 model is a french style fridge-freezer, with a 2 door fridge compartment above a 2 drawer freezer. The AGA ASxS19 is a 4 door American Style fridge-freezer which has the additional features of

  • Vseal - A Vacuum seal feature for food storage or sous-vide cooking

  • COOLPAC - A removable chiller caddy for drinks

  • Odour Seal Box - An air tight box for food with strong odours

  • Additional Zone Control - Both freezer zones can also be refrigerator zone.



Product Features

Frost Free / No Frost Technology - Frost preventing/eliminating technology for each model

Eco Running Mode - You would set this mode during periods of less frequent use (door opening) or absence from home, such as a holiday. Eco running mode can provide optimum temperature whilst saving power.

Holiday Mode - Holiday mode is to be used if the device is to be left for an extended period. During Holiday mode only the freezer compartment remains active.

Quick Drink Mode - This appliance is equipped with a feature that serves as a reminder for any drinks you place in either of the freezer compartments with the intention of cooling them quickly. The time can be set in 5 minute increments anywhere between 5 minutes and 30 minutes. After the set time has expired an acoustic alarm will sound to remind you to take the beverages out of the freezer compartment(s).

Super Freeze Mode - Super freeze is available on SXS and DXD models. This mode will automatically revert back to last set temperature after 24hrs unless deactivated manually:

  • To freeze prepared foods.

  • To freeze fresh food quickly to retain freshness.


  • Large food shop, this mode ensures food is frozen quickly and therefore retains nutrients and taste.

  • High quality meat/fish, again by quickly freezing the produce nutrients are retained and taste is preserved

Super Cool Mode - This mode will automatically revert back to last set temperature after 4hrs unless deactivated manually:

  • To cool and store a large quantity of food in the fridge compartment.

  • To quickly cool drinks.

Scenario: Large food shop, this mode ensure food is chilled quickly and therefore retains freshness

Door Alarm - If the doors are left ajar a soft alarm will sound to warn of cool air escaping if they aren’t closed within 2 minutes.

Child Lock Function - Child lock can be activated to prevent any accidental or unintentional changes being made to the appliance settings.

AGA dxd19 Product Information

The DxD19 is superior in build quality and appearance and features brand new technologies which are exclusive to AGA Rangemaster, even-Circ™, Ionizer™ and RangeFresh™ Preserver, to ensure food is kept fresher for longer.


AGA ASxS19 Product Information



This brand new vacuum pack feature is only included on the AXS 2019 DELUXE model.Food placed in the bag can be heat sealed inside for freshness or for Sous Vide cooking.


Independently Controlled Zones

The 2019 SXS DELUXE comes with two freezer zones that can be independently controlled, and can be set to be either fridge OR freezer mode. This offers great flexibility for entertaining

Available in 4 Stunning Colours

Black, Ivory, Dark Inox, Stainless Steel