Electric AGA eR7 100/150

The AGA eR7 is all electric and offers that iconic AGA design with total flexibility for everyday living.

The AGA eR7 comes in two models the AGA eR7 100 which is 1000mm wide (3 oven model) and the AGA eR7 150 which is 1500mm wide (5 oven model).

AGA eR7 models are on when you need them and off when you don’t and, like all AGA cookers, can put gentle heat into the room when you want it. They feature a touch-screen LED control panel offering digital control of the three cast-iron ovens to give more accurate temperature control, and a digital heat indicator that displays when the AGA is heating up and has reached the required temperature.


AGA eR7 Controls

The AGA eR7 control panel has a capacitance touch-screen with LED indicators and character display to indicate which zone is active and what setting is selected.

The AGA eR7 cooker also comes with a Handset which can be used to programme the ovens.

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Cast-iron Ovens

The AGA eR7 is designed to achieve flexibility when cooking a range of dishes, through the four settings in the baking oven and the five settings in the roasting oven, as well as the long, slow cooking in the simmering oven.

The ovens are controlled by a capacitance touch-screen with LED indicators and a character display to indicate which zone is activated and which setting is selected.

Roasting Oven

Has five pre-set cooking settings, R9, R8, R7, R6 and B4, which provide the flexibility to vary the oven temperature from very hot to moderate. The oven therefore can operate as a second baking oven.

Baking Oven

Has four pre-set cooking settings, which are B4, B3, B2 and B1. These vary the temperature of the oven from moderate to cool. Cooking sweet and savoury simultaneously is not a problem in the ovens as the flavours do not mix. This oven may also be used as a second simmering oven.

Simmering Oven

The simmering oven is perfect for long, slow cooking, which develops flavor and makes the toughest meats tender. It’s large capacity means several pans can be stacked here; soup, casserole, steamed rice, steamed vegetables (and a host of other things) can all be cooking simultaneously, without any danger of burning. The Simmering oven has a fixed temperature.

Warming Oven (eR7 150 Only)

Designed to warm plates and serving dishes, to rest meat before carving and to keep food warm, prior to serving, for a limited period of time. Food should not be left in there indefinitely and certainly not for any longer than two hours. The Warming oven is separately run to the three main oven (Roasting, Baking, Simmering Ovens) and is operated by a signle On/Off button located on the left hand side of the hot cupboard.

Slow cooking Oven (eR7 150 Only)

The Slow cooking oven has similar characteristics of the Simmering oven and delivers a gentler convected heat making it suitable for long cooking times, especially for over night. It is perfect for cooking rich fruit cakes and meringues.

AGA er7 Configuration Diagram

er7 & r7 five oven.png

AGA R7-100 Top.jpg


Behind the top left hand door sits the individual buttons to operate either the boiling plate, the simmering plate or both. In each of the hotplates there is a powerful heating element. The boiling plate will be ready to use in around 12 minutes from cold. The simmering plate will be ready to use in around 10 minutes.

Warming Plate or Induction Hob

(eR7 150 Only)

The AGA eR7 150 comes with the option of a warming plate or a single zone induction hob.

Induction hob - offering a safe, fast and efficient way to cook. Once the pan makes contact with the hob surface, the pan becomes the heat source so food is heated directly. It is controlled by touch and offers a slider control with nine power levels and an additional boost function. There are a host of features including child lock, a pause function and a timer. 

Warming plate - Great for rest plates and food on the warming plate to keep at a warm temperature, for a limited period of time. Controlled by the same On/Off button as the Warming and Slow cooking ovens.

Available in 16 stunning colours

 Black, Cream, Pewter, Dark Blue, Pistachio, Heather, Aubergine, Pearl Ashes, White, Duck Egg Blue, Dartmouth Blue, Blush, Dove, Linen, Slate, Salcombe Blue.