AGA Demonstrations

AGA demonstrations are the perfect opportunity for all AGA owners new and old to see the benefits and all possibilities when cooking on their AGA. The demonstrations are all about showing the versatility of the AGA and getting to know what your AGA can do for you. They are also great for people looking to purchase an AGA, as it gives them insight to what AGA's are all about.

Please contact us to reserve a place.

AN AGA can do it all demonstration

An AGA can do it all demonstration shows you every thing you can do on your AGA

Grill   Bake   Steam   Boil   Stir-fry   Simmer   Fry   Roast   Slow-cooking   Griddle   Toast

The demonstration takes you from breakfast through to dinner and many points in between, all in under two hours, showing how easy an AGA is to use and it's sheer versatility.

Demonstration Prices

‘An AGA Can Do It All’ Demonstration - £20.00 per person to attend

‘Masterclass’ - £30.00 per person to attend

‘Christmas’ Demonstration - £30.00 per person to attend