AGA 3 Series eR3 100

'AGA's New Everday Range Cooker'

The AGA defining aesthetics have been retained to ensure continuity of the AGA cooker’s unique style in the New AGA eR3.

The AGA eR3 100 model has a patented hotplate that can be set to either simmering or boiling mode, an oven that can be set for roasting or baking, a simmering oven and a useful warming oven. Plus, you can choose between warming plate or a state-of-the-art two-zone induction hob – complete with bridging feature, allowing you to use a griddle plate, fish kettle or other large cookware.

 The AGA eR3 100 comes in four models including the 100-3/100-3i and 100-4/100-4i models, which offers a handy additional built-in storage space for roasting tins, baking sheets and other cookware.

The new AGA eR3 offers everyday control and boasts a host of useful features, including a patented hotplate, fast heat-up times, a defrost function, an optional timer and higher temperatures and better performance than many other range cooker on the market. Great attention has been paid to even the smallest of details, such as the stylish and branded handrail, ensuring this is a cooker that is built for life.

 Key Features


  • Electric 32-amp: 100-3 and 100-4 models

  • Electric 32-amp plus 13-amp: 100-3i and 100-4i

Hob Configuration

As with the AGA 60, each model features an AGA hotplate which can be set to simmering or boiling and has resting areas surrounding it. In addition, there is then a choice of either a warming plate or a two zone induction hob.

AGA Hotplate and 2 zone Induction Hob

AGA Hotplate and 2 zone Induction Hob

AGA Hotplate and Warming plate

AGA Hotplate and Warming plate


Induction Hotplate

(AGA er3 100-3i and er3 100-4i)

This new AGA induction hotplate features a 2- zone large pan area suitable for two pans, or an induction suitable griddle or fish kettle.

Automatic Function

  • Boil detection with water

  • Heating up to a frying temperature

  • Time function

  • Keeping simmering or re boil powerfully

  • Boil dry detection

  • Permanent pot detection

  • Bridge/booster function

Low Temperature Function

  • One level for defrosting or melting (44 °C)

  • level for warming up and keeping warm (70 °C)

  • Third warming leave for simmering (94 °C)

The ovens

As with the AGA 60 this cooker has two cast iron ovens located on the left hand side and controlled by rotary control as found on the AGA 60 as well an additional option of a programmer/timer device for the top oven. 


The two right hand cavities are steel, the warming oven is heated by an element and is turned on using a separate switch on the top right of the appliance.

Top left: Cast iron oven which can be set to roasting or baking mo

Bottom left: Cast iron simmering oven

Bottom right oven: Steel warming oven

Top right cavity: Steel cookware storage

            Venting: In room venting only

Available in 16 stunning colours

 Black, Cream, Pewter, Dark Blue, Pistachio, Heather, Aubergine, Pearl Ashes, White, Duck Egg Blue, Dartmouth Blue, Blush, Dove, Linen, Slate, Salcombe Blue