AGA 3 Series eR3

'AGA's New Everday Range Cooker'

The AGA range has recently expanded to take in the 3 Series collection. Models in the collection are designed for 21st century everyday life, so give you everything you’d expect from a traditional AGA, but with built-in flexibility.

Every AGA cast-iron cooker puts useful heat into the room, meaning you get that lovely, cosy AGA warmth. Now, though, with newer models – including those in the 3 Series range – the hotplates are designed to be on only when you’re using them and ovens can be switched off when you don’t need the warmth, for example overnight, on the hottest of summer days or when you’re away from home.

All the AGA 3 Series models have two cast-iron ovens – one that can be set to either roasting or baking mode, the other a simmering oven. There is also a warming oven, and on some models, the options of having cookware storage, 2 or 3 zone induction hob, conventional fan oven and a additional simmering plate depending on the model.

Available in 7 models ranging from 90cm - 170cm wide.

Iconic Design meets brilliant performance in the superbly versatile AGA 3 Series

The Models



At just 90cm wide, and comes in two models, this cooker packs in two cast-iron ovens, one for roasting and baking, and the other for simmering.

It also has an AGA hotplate, which can be set to boiling or simmering, a useful tall warming oven and an AGA warming plate.


The AGA eR3 comes in four models including the 100-3 and 100-4 models, with both available with either a warming plate or induction hob

The AGA er3 100-4 also offers a handy additional built-in storage space for roasting tins, baking sheets and other cookware.



The AGA eR3 110i is a versatile addition to the range, offering a host of useful features including a cast-iron hotplate, two cast-iron ovens, a warming oven, cookware storage.

The AGA 3 Series 110i has an state-of-the-art three zone induction hob, suitable for three pans or optional warming plate.


At just over 150cm wide, this cooker features two cast-iron ovens, one for roasting and baking, and the other for simmering. It also has two AGA hotplates, a useful tall warming oven and is complemented by a conventional fan oven.



The AGA 3 Series eR3 170i is the largest electric cooker in this range at just over 170cm wide, making it perfect for entertaining, large kitchens or for those who love to cook. It has every cooking facility you may want.


A stunning and versatile extension to the AGA 3 Series range, the eR3-160 offers cast-iron ovens for radiant heat cooking and gentle warmth as well as a conventional fan oven for added convenience.

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Available in 16 stunning colours

 Black, Cream, Pewter, Dark Blue, Pistachio, Heather, Aubergine, Pearl Ashes, White, Duck Egg Blue, Dartmouth Blue, Blush, Dove, Linen, Slate, Salcombe Blue